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Can I try before I buy? 
Absolutely! As every cake should taste as good as it looks, all clients are welcome to come for a free consultation and tasting. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time.

How far in advance should I order?
It is best to book your cake as soon as you have decided on what you want to avoid disappointment. Generally this should ideally be six to nine months in advance of the date for weddings, specially over the summer months. If you have left it until the last minute please call us as we may be able to fit it in.

How easy is it to transport the cake if I collect it?
It is very simple to transport all party cakes and wedding cakes, and if you follow our advice and drive carefully there shouldn't be any mishaps. Full instructions are provided for transportation, storage and set up.

How far do you deliver?
Large cakes ie wedding cakes can be delivered across Sussex.  However, if your wedding or party is further afield we can have your cake boxed and ready for collection the day before your event.

Can you set up my wedding cake?
Yes - to keep your wedding day stress free we can deliver and set up your wedding cake in Sussex.  If your wedding is further afield we can provide step by step instructions for you to set up your own cake. 

Can I have different flavours for different tiers?
Yes - choose from our range of exciting flavours or ask us to make your favourite cake.

Will you ice and decorate a cake that we have made?
Yes - but we would recommend that whoever bakes your cake is familiar with the correct cooking times for the larger tiers as it wouldn't be the first time we have been asked to icing a cake that was not thoroughly cooked through!

What goes into your cakes?
As quality comes first with all Sussex Cake Creations cakes, each cake is made to order using fresh organic free range eggs, fresh butter, luxury icing and high quality chocolate. We do not use packet mixes, ready made or frozen sponges.

How long will my cake keep?
All cakes are made to be enjoyed on the day with the exception of fruit cakes which will keep for months, even years. Although sponge cakes may keep for a few days after the celebration we recommend that these cakes are eaten on the day and any remaining cake should be frozen immediately for up to three months and defrosted when you are ready to consume.

How should I store my top tier?
If you are having a fruit tier to save for your anniversary then correct storage is important.  Whichever method you use it is recommended that the cake be first wrapped in greaseproof paper, then clingfilm making it airtight.  Afterwards put the cake into a clean airtight container - this stops any air or bacteria getting to it and also stops the cake absorbing smells from the freezer.  Most people will tend to store their cake in the freezer.  Simply take it out a day or two before you want to use it and defrost it - it should not need re-icing.  Otherwise the cake can be stored preferably in a cool dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.  The cake will then need to be re-iced and decorated before use.  Sometimes the icing layer of the cake may show through some of the oil from the marzipan underneath - the cake underneath should still be edible.

Who provides the cake stand and cake knife for my wedding?
Usually this is provided by the wedding venue or caterer. However, please ask us if yours are not supplying these

Do you recycle packing etc?
Everything that is possible to recycle in this area is recycled including paper, cans, plastics, packets and boxes.